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What we do

We supply the brick industry with high quality raw materials and offer new raw material potentials. Raw material mining and especially opening new raw material excavation sites has become increasingly difficult in Germany.

In addition, the German brick industry wants to become climate neutral. A huge task that involves profound changes in the raw material base. Much is still uncertain, but one thing is certain. It is going to be expensive. New approaches and lucrative solutions are required.

All of our raw material products are displayed in the navigable map. More than 40 data sheets are ready to be downloaded in pdf-format. Up-to-date laboratory analyses compiled into easy to read data sheets can be freely downloaded in pdf-format.

Be inspired by the range of our ceramic products. Contact us for laboratory prototypes or bulk test material. Do not wait for better times.

Thank you for your interest!

EurGeol Dr. rer. nat. Lutz Krakow
Managing Director


Moderne Rohstoffe
für die Ziegelindustrie

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