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Plastic Clays

Plastically deformable clays represent the essential basic components of every brick mass. Furthermore, they are used as additional components in order to optimize several mass/product properties. The decisive characteristics of plastic clays are mainly affected by the type and proportion of the containing clay minerals.

Kaolinitic-illitic clay/Westerwald (2017)
Kaolinitic-illitic clay/Westerwald (2017)
Smectitic clay/Romania (2015)
Smectitic clay/Romania (2015)
Kaolinitic clay/Lusatia (2009)
Kaolinitic clay/Lusatia (2009)

A selection of plastic clays can be found in the chart below. Analogue access via raw material map.



Reference Number Raw Material Location Type Image Data Sheet
6401 Radostów Dolny 59-800 Radostów Dolny, Polen Clay Download
6400 Weilerswist 53919 Weilerswist Clay Download
6392 Nové Strašecí 271 01 Nové Strašecí, Tschechien Clay Download
6378 Köthen 06366 Köthen Clay Download
6359 Ton Hahnstätten 65623 Hahnstätten Clay Download
6349 Rohkaolin Mistlberg 4284 Tragwein, Österreich Clay Download
6302 Waldershof 95704 Pullenreuth Clay Download
6287 Negrești-Oaș Negrești-Oaș 445200 Clay Download
6189 Haselbach 04617 Haselbach Clay Download
6167 Duingen 31089 Duingen Clay Download