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Team Krakow Rohstoffe


Portrait EurGeol Dr. rer. nat. Lutz Krakow

EurGeol Dr. rer. nat. Lutz Krakow (Dipl. Geologe)
Managing Director

‘Learning by doing’
Portrait Mihaela Krakow

Mihaela Krakow (Manager Assistentin)

‘Charismatic tranquillity and unique calmness’

Projekt management

Portrait Kathrin Müller

Kathrin Müller (Dipl. Geowissenschaftlerin)
Office and Laboratory management

‘The friendly voice on the phone’
Portrait Dr. rer. nat. Mathias Hendrik Köster

Dr. rer. nat. Mathias Hendrik Köster (Dipl. Geologe)
Raw Material Exploration and Project Development

‘Enthusiastic about clay’

Processing and laboratory

Portrait Maren Theresa Stefanak

Maren Theresa Stefanak (MSc. Geowissenschaftlerin)
Laboratory and Documentation

‘Perfect sense for clay samples’
Portrait Monika Schmidt

Monika Schmidt (MSc. Biologin/Ökologin)
Laboratory and Documentation

‘Entirely enthusiastic about science’
Portrait Marion Taube

Marion Taube (Chemisch-Technische Assistentin)
Preparation and laboratory

‘Countless sediment analysis’
Portrait Michael Baar

Michael Baar (Jurist)
Preparation and laboratory

‚Lateral entrant since 2012‘

External consulting

Portrait Dr. Siegfried Plüschke

Dr. Siegfried Plüschke (Dipl. Keramikverfahrenstechnik und Rohstoffe)
Senior Consultant

‚One of the most experienced ceramic engineers in Germany‘

Logistics partner

Portrait Spedition Troitzsch Trans GmbH

Spedition Troitzsch Trans GmbH
Commercial freight transport and ceramic bulk material transport

‘The logistics company Troitzsch Trans GmbH transports the major part of our raw materials since 2002.’