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New Materials

As one of the leading provider of economic geological consulting services, we support the ceramic industry with laboratory capabilities and future-oriented raw materials. Our service offer also includes the exploration of deposits and self/external monitoring of raw material production as well as individual analytical examinations.

In order to achieve a adequate utilization of fine-grained residual materials, we support the sand/gravel and aggregate industry with individual suitability tests on these materials. Also, we have top-references for the marketing of argillaceous excavation material, filter cakes from filtered mineral slurries and rock dust/fillers.

Beside residual materials, our scope of supply and services include traditional clays and shales. Amongst others from one of the largest clay deposits in Central Europe. You can find constantly updated information on individual raw materials in the context menu under 'Raw Material Offer'.

We invite you to browse our lectures as well as our numerous publications in the well-known professional journal 'Brick and Tile Industry International'. Discover the latest trends at first hand. Stay tuned! Thanks for your interest.

Kind regards

EurGeol Dr. rer. nat. Lutz Krakow
Executive Manager