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The laboratory is the beating heart of technical innovations.

We support the stone and earth industry with geological consulting services and and with external laboratory capacities. We offer individually suited services from ceramic-resource prospection over targeted mass optimization to laboratory suitability tests. Our key competencies are the development and technical realization of creative resource concepts. The combination of current research results and decades of experience lead to the effective use of resources as well as residual materials.

Mass Optimization:

Substitution of individual mass components by alternative raw materials to enhance productivity/lower the costs and/or improve product characteristics. Comprehensive investigations on individual mass components and their compositions. After the laboratory phase we conceive and monitor production trials.

Product Development:

Prearrangement of several test series for the development of new brick products. Focus: facing bricks/clinker bricks (color development) and backing bricks (ceramic body density, thermal conductivity, compressive strength). After laboratory phase, conception and monitoring of production trials.

Causal Failure Analysis:

Mineralogical and microscopic or electron-microscopic identification of the damage with a detailed cause analysis and retracing to the mining area. Typical complex analysis in case of efflorescence, blistering, reduction cores and color variation.

Self-monitoring and external testing:

Monitoring of current raw material deliveries. Each individual analytical proceeding includes particle-size distribution, chemical-mineralogical and ceramic analyses as well as microscopic tests to identify deleterious components > 125 µm. The recommended test frequency is one complete analysis per 1,000 - 5,000 tons of raw material .

Suitability Tests for ceramics:

Chemical-mineralogical and ceramic-technological investigations of fine-particle waste minerals such as clayey overlaying horizons, wash slurries, filter cakes and rock dust/fillers with regard to their recycling possibilities in the ceramic industry. Efficiency analysis on extensive mass series. Documentation of the results in tabular form or as expert reports. In case of technical suitability optional: contract offer for long-term marketing. Target group: Sand and gravel works and the natural stone industry.